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Identify, Dominate, Win

Identify, improve, build and solutions

Identify, improve, and build blueprints to products that sell more.

Dominate marketplace categories

Dominate marketplace categories and take market share with top-selling products.

Reverse- engineer winning formulas

Using Captake, our product-building AI assistant, we can reverse-engineer winning formulas to top-selling products.

We're in the Business of Making Bestsellers

Data Analysis 

Captake analyzes reviews and ratings to identify where businesses &  products are underperforming and how they can be improved.

Fulfillment & Storage

Our fulfillment-based services, manufacturing partners, & real-time feedback guarantee continuous product improvement & seller satisfaction.


Our network of high-performing manufacturers and delivery partners bring improved products to market within weeks, at scale.

Research and Development

We work with a network of skilled manufacturers to refresh existing products & develop real-time marketplace data & customer sentiments.


Captake automates all sales processes and efficiencies, including pricing, stock, forecasting, to scale production and improve unit economics.


Our logistical network integrates with FBA and other third-party marketplace fulfillment providers to ensure products are delivered fast.

How to build a better product, faster.

Captake sellers make buying decisions based on user-generated reviews, feedback, and ratings.


Build your business with Captake