About Us | Captake

Captake stores are retail chains with multiple locations managed by a single company. It provides convenience and standardized practices, revolutionizing the retail sector and promising long-term dominance in making shopping easier for customers.

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About Us | Goti

Goti is aiming to lead the country’s booming Digital Carrier Marketplace revolution that facilitates the day-to-day Transportation, Logistics, and Trades needs of the people. Goti sets itself apart by ensuring meticulous Carrier service and is on a mission to deliver anything, straight to customers’ doors.

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What We Stand For

A strong network of Chain Stores is the beating heart of our business, making it possible to deliver to customers fast and efficiently.


Goti is a company that aspires to achieve big goals, experiences rapid growth, demonstrates a diligent work ethic, enjoys vibrant leisure activities, and simultaneously makes a positive impact on the Carrier lives of numerous individuals!